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Meetings and Field Trips

You are welcome to attend monthly meetings, featuring speakers on birding and natural history topics, and including a delicious member-provided evening meal -- with desserts! Our monthly field trips are fun and educational, and focus on locations along the coast, marshes, prairies, and forests of the area.


 Membership Meeting
Thursday May 21, 2015  7:00 p.m.
Garden Center, Tyrrell Park, Beaumont 
Birding the Amazon:
Among the Avian Riches of the
Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil
Stephan Lorenz

The Amazon Basin extends over vast swaths of South America and can rightfully be called the cradle of biodiversity. There are more kinds of plants, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals growing, crawling, slithering, hopping, and walking through these jungles than any rain forest in the world. Bird diversity is also staggering. Within this vast basin several areas are especially rich in birdlife and the Cristalino Jungle Lodge in central Brazil sits squarely within one of these hyper-diversity hotspots. An incredible 586 species have been reported from the area and the majority of these species can be found in the primary rain forest of the Cristalino Private Reserve. The area is home to healthy populations of macaws, large raptors, including Harpy and Crested eagles, trumpeters, and a wide variety of antbirds, woodcreepers, and tanagers. Almost 100 species of flycatchers sally through the forest here. In addition, large mammals also thrive with several species of monkeys, tapir, and peccaries seen regularly, plus the chance encounter with a puma or jaguar. This will be a photographic journey through one of the best birding places in the world.

Stephan Lorenz has birded and travelled in every corner of North America and also birded extensively in South America. He spent three months guiding in the Amazon at the Cristalino Jungle Lodge and will share his photos and experiences. He is a regular contributor to birding magazines, including Birdwatcher’s Digest, ABA’s Birder’s Guide, and BirdWatching, plus several newsletters. He has worked as a field biologist and educator in Alaska, California, Costa Rica, Australia, and Jamaica for example. He will lead a trip to central Brazil in July for High Lonesome BirdTours which in addition to Cristalino will visit the Pantanal, more information can be found here:

We will plan on having the doors open by 6:00 p.m. and the program will start at 7:00 p.m. sharp. A light supper will be available from 6:15 p.m.

 Directions to Garden Center in Tyrrell Park

 From the south

Go "north" on US69/96/287 around the south side of Beaumont.

Take Texas 124 (south or west, whichever it is signed) towards Fannett (left turn under the highway).

Travel about a mile to the first light.

At the first light, turn left onto Tyrrell Park Road and go about 1/2 mile.

Turn left into Tyrrell Park through the nice new arch.

Almost immediately turn left at the conservatory into the parking lot for the Garden Center.

 From IH10

Exit at Walden Road on the west side of Beaumont

Go south of Walden Road for about 1/2 mile to the first light

At the light go straight over Highway 124 onto Tyrrell Park Road and go about 1/2 mile.

Turn left into Tyrrell Park through the nice new arch.

Almost immediately turn left at the conservatory into the parking lot for the Garden Center.

Saturday May 30, 2015.

Field Trip to Hardin County


We will focus on the area north of Silsbee to look for the breeding birds of the area. This is typically a half-day trip. We plan to look for the nesting species of the area – Hooded, Kentucky, Pine, Prairie and Prothonotary, and Swainson’s Warb­lers, Yellow-breasted Chat, White-eyed, Red-eyed and Yellow-throated Vireo, Indigo and Painted Bunting, Gray Catbird, Summer Tanager, Acadian Flycatcher, Brown-headed Nuthatch and others. Swainson's Warb­ler is a particular target of this trip. We have often been rewarded with excellent views of this normally very secretive species on this field trip. Yellow-breasted Chats have often been seen perched high up in the open. This area also has many breeding Prairie Warblers.

The meeting place will be at 7:00 a.m. (note the necessary early start if we are to find the breeding birds!) at the shopping center on the northeast corner of the intersection of FM92 and FM418 in the northern part of Silsbee. To reach this from Beaumont, take US 69 north and then US 96 north. Take Business 96 into and through downtown Silsbee. When Business 96 turns right, continue straight on FM92 for 3/4 mile to the shopping center.  For more information, contact Steve Mayes 

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