Focus Areas of the Golden Triangle Audubon Society

Cattail Marsh

Map of Cattail Marsh

Cattail Marsh, part of Tyrrell Park, operated by the City of Beaumont, is a constructed wetland and natural area, featuring diked cells with open shallow water and mudflats.

Tyrrell Park has a nature center and botanical gardens, a golf course, stables, and several facilities for picnicing, walking and biking, and other activities. "Cattail Marsh" is the wetlands area along Hillebrandt Bayou that forms part of the final stages of water treatment for the city of Beaumont. There is a parking lot on the back side of the park road that makes a big loop beyond the golf course clubhouse. There is a sign for Cattail Marsh at the entrance to this parking lot. You can't drive into the wetlands, but you can park and hike along the levee roads.

The constructed wetlands receives flow from the main treatment process, which is located to the northeast, on the other side of Hillebrandt Bayou. The constructed wetlands are divided by levees into a number of cells. From these cells water flows to an area of more natural wetlands at the backside of the area, before water flows into Hillebrandt Bayou.

Sabine Woods

Sabine Woods, a Texas Ornithological Society bird sanctuary, is an area of large oaks located along a chenier ridge running west a few miles from Sabine Pass, Texas.

This area of the Golden Triangle Audubon Society website, is dedicated to the continued survey of birds at the Texas Ornithological Society's Sabine Woods Bird Sanctuary, near Sabine Pass, Texas.

Sabine Woods Aerial View

Sabine Woods is an area of large oaks located along a chenier ridge running west a few miles from Sabine Pass.

Sea Rim

Sea Rim State Park, featuring beaches and wide areas of marsh, is located on the upper Texas coast, between Sabine Pass and Galveston.

Sea Rim State Park Location Map

This focus area runs along the beach within the boundaries of Sea Rim State Park, on the marsh boardwalk east of the headquarters, and alongside Highway 87, especially at "The Willows" boardwalk, located just west of the headquarters.

Birding Locations by County

GTAS is active in numerous counties in southeastern Texas and parishes in southwestern Louisiana. Here are locations commonly visited on field trips or informal excursions.

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