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Golden Triangle Audubon Bird Alert -- January 15, 2012

To avoid repetition, this will largely serve as an update to the January 12 Alert, which is still available at

It is clear that there are several Least Grebes in Cattail Marsh at various places in the marsh.  The ones just inside the gate have been somewhat less visible, but they are still there. Others have been seen further to the north in the same cell (cell 2), and at least three others in the cell (cell 3) that is across the first levee from that cell.

The Harris's Hawk found January 11 was seen January 12 in the evening, January 13 in the evening (most probable ID), and on the morning of January 14.  It is in the same general area, just to the left of the entrance to Cattail Marsh, but on Saturday, it was only visible from the Tyrrell Park side of that area.  As far as we know, it was not seen January 15.

Bald Eagles were seen January 11,12,13 and 14, and there is some possibility there is a nest nearby. 

Probable Glossy Ibises have been seen again.

Cinnamon Teal are still being seen, but can remain well hidden for long periods. 

On January 15, there were about 1,500 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in the cell (cell 8) that is in the right corner (SE corner) of the Marsh.  (It is a one mile walk to that cell!)

A Green-tailed Towhee was found in Tyrrell Park January 15.  To reach the location, continue counterclockwise round the main loop past the entrance to Cattail Marsh. Park at the next parking area before you reach the toilets (gray building with red roof).  Walk back to the gully you crossed just before reaching that parking area, and walk along the north side (the side nearest you as you approach from that parking area) of the gully about 50 yards to the point where you have to turn left because another gully come in from the left.  The towhee was in the underbrush, a lot of which is palmetto, at this corner.  (Coordinates are 30 deg 00 min 32.8 sec N, 94 deg 08 min 36.1 sec west.)

With thanks for reports from Gerald Duhon, John Haynes, Steve Mayes, Harlan Stewart.

John A. Whittle


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