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Golden Triangle Audubon Bird Alert -- April 15, 2011

Late this afternoon (April 15) a large variety of birds dropped into Sabine Woods.  While no one person saw all the species, 22 o 23 species of warbler were seen, including at least five Canada Warblers, three or four Blackburnians and numerous Black-throated Greens.  A male Cape May was seen briefly.  Cerulean and Chestnut-sided were seen.  There were lots of Orioles, especially Baltimores and exceptionally large numbers of male Indigo Buntings.


At 9 pm (April 15), the winds at the SE Texas Regional Airport were from the northwest at 10 mph. This is when migrating birds normally begin their movement for the night.  This wind could well be enough to persuade the birds that arrived, tired, late this afternoon to postpone further northward travel, but we have been wrong before in such predictions!  Looking at the forecast winds over the Gulf, tomorrow, the 200-300 miles from the coastline south are forecast to have winds with a significant northerly component, so tomorrow's flight may well arrive late.


John A. Whittle


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