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Golden Triangle Audubon Bird Alert -- 20 April 2012

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012

From: steve mayes <sgmayes@HOTMAIL.COM>


Subject: Possible TROPICAL MOCKINGBIRD at Sabine Woods


A possible Tropical Mockingbird has been seen today at TOS Sabine Woods. The bird has been seen in various places in the open areas of the property, often in trees bordering the field immediately to the right (east) of the entrance. An unusual mockingbird has been reported from the woods for at least three days and the bird was apparently photographed on Wednesday but it was not until today that enough people looked at the bird to figure out it might be something different. James Clark and Don Jeane are the first people I know to have seen the bird. The bird has an very long tail, obviously longer than a normal Northern Mockingbird. In addition, white outer tail feathers are not obvious, only white corners on the outer tail. The wings are dark (appear black) and contrast greatly with the paler body. There are no large white patches in the wings (the bird has been seen well in flight and perched). There is very little hint of wing bars. The bill may be a bit heavier than a typical Northern. Behavior has been fairly typical of mockingbirds but, as far as I know, no one has heard the bird sing/call yet. The bird has sometimes associated (or tried to) with typical Northern Mockingbirds but they appear to want little to do with him and he has been run off on more than one occasion. The bird has been photographed by several people and I would expect those photos to be posted soon. Given the weather, I would expect this bird to hang around tomorrow but don't hold me to that! For anyone coming to the woods, note that the Black-whiskered Vireo was also seen today. Good luck if you go looking!  


Steve Mayes

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