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Golden Triangle Audubon Bird Alert -- 09 April 2012

This is a brief note on recent migration as seen at Sabine Woods.  Most recent days until today (Monday April 9) there was a rather good variety of species but few of each, and many were seen only once.  15-19 warbler species were reported most days, with about 23 species total over the past extended weekend. 


Today, the variety may have been a tiny bit less (we don't have very many reports yet), but the numbers of a few species were remarkable.  The number of Hooded Warblers was incredibly high- -- those of us there were discussing whether 100 or 200 would be reasonable.  They were everywhere inside the Woods.  Wood Thrushes were very plentiful, and Worm-eating Warblers were in abnormally large numbers.


Notable were at least four Swainson's Warblers seen Sunday and at least three today.  There appear to have been at least three male Ceruleans today.  American Redstarts and Blue-winged Warblers were easily found today.


The weather patterns across the Gulf – light winds, often mostly easterly or even northeasterly – have been very unusual, but somehow, at least a few of the migrant are making the crossing.  How many may have been blown into the lower or middle coast and then proceeded round the coast is not something we can determine.


From reports by John Haynes, Terry Ferguson, and other Sabine Woods visitors whose names are not known to us.


John A. Whittle


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